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Speckled Black and White Lamb Skin

A-2398 Speckled Black and White Lamb Skin Average Size: 38X22 inch

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AUTHENTIC: These sheepskin rugs are made from an authentic sheep Skin. These sheep skin are hand-chosen to ensure excellent quality and natural appearance.
LUXURY TOUCH: The color may be lighter or darker. Ideal for smaller space coverage. This rug will provide a touch of luxury to your home without any concerns.
FEATURE: This Sheepskin fur rug naturally shaped rug is made from the finest sheep skin. This luxurious rug always looks good and will last for years with proper care and maintenance.
MULTI-PURPOSE: Real Sheepskin rug fits into any theme and relaxes your everyday tiredness with its fluffy fur texture. Serves as a seat cover as well as an area rug providing therapeutic properties.

This is a luxurious sheep skin which can be used as a floor rug or to drape over furniture. Many of our clients use these skins to drape over a sofa or table. The product does shed hair so must not be handled a lot. Please see attached pictures that show in detail the type of hair.

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