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Axis Deer Skins

Axis deer is undoubtedly the species of the cervidae family with the most exquisite-looking hide. The spotted coat, which sometimes is confused with that of a baby whitetail deer or “Bambi", is actually a permanent feature of the axis deer. The contrast between the brown background and white spots is stronger during winter months and weaker during the summer. That is why some skins obtained in Florida or Texas during the hot summer months are a bit “sun bleached”. Originally from India, but now widespread in Texas, Florida, Hawaii, Argentina, Australia and New Zealand, the axis deer has a pelt that is very coveted and we are proud to be the strongest reseller of those skins in the USA.  

Often our clients ask if they were ethically obtained which our answer is a big YES. No cow or deer is killed for its hide. It is simply not economically feasible. Just tanning a deer skin costs around $70.00 to $100.00 so if you look at the sale price of these skins you can easily conclude they could not be taken for the sole purpose of using the skin. Animal skins such as cowhides, bison skins and axis deer hides are always a byproduct of the meat industry and would be otherwise wasted. So when you purchase a cowhide or deer skin know you are helping utilize a part of the animal which would otherwise be destroyed.  

In Texas, Florida, Hawaii and Argentina, the axis deer is so abundant that population control is needed as it has become an invasive species which competes with native wildlife. The axis deer is a hardy creature which can survive intense draught but also when vegetation is plentiful. It can reproduce twice a year. That makes its numbers grow exponentially when compared to other deer species. In India, hunting the axis deer is forbidden although they also exist in Pakistan where sport hunting is allowed. In the USA, Australia, Argentina and New Zealand, hunting the axis deer is 100% legal. 

We offer several quality grades of axis deer skins. The more inexpensive ones are the smaller ones or the distressed ones. Rug grades which will sometimes present one or two patches are sold to be used as floor rugs or meditation mats. The very rare and coveted upholstery grade ones are more costly due to how difficult it is to obtain pelts of that quality and size.   

Very popular for manufacturing handbags and pillows, the axis deer hides are also coveted to upholster chairs, stools, benches and even to make small garments. Texas women love handbags that are made out of hair-on leather, especially the axis deer hides. 
We are always open to help our clients find the skin which matches their size and quality although the skins posted on our web sites are mostly individually photographed and measured. 

Many of our clients who seek to purchase axis deer skins are actually looking to use it for meditation purposes. They refer to the axis deer as chital and the skin as prayer rugs. We are constantly contacted by Indian yogis or Indian Hindu religious people living in the USA or Canada who seek to obtain a “spotted deer prayer rug”. Unfortunately, we have heard that shipping axis deer skins to India would most likely result in it being confiscated by Indian customs. 

We are proud to offer a wide range of axis deer sizes and grades at different prices to accommodate each budget.