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Quality Zebra Rugs & Zebra Skins at Lowest Price- Cowhidesusa


  • Antlers

    Juvenile Burchell Zebra Skin

    These younger zebra offer a great price and a great size for those wanting to carry the genuine skin but also wanting a smaller rug. Stripe color might very from a black to dark brown. Background colo...

    Price: $1199.00

  • Antlers

    Zebra Hide Burchell B Grade

    B Grade is the third grade we carry in terms of quality of the skins. Stripe color might vary from a black to dark brown. Background color is ALWAYS either light beige or a grey. Contrary to popular b...

    Price: $1599.00

  • Antlers

    Zebra Skin Burchell A Grade

    A Grade is the second most perfect of grades. Only blemishes that occur on the Super A is a possible patched bullet hole not easily visible and maybe one extra scratch. Stripe color might vary from a ...

    Price: $1690.00

  • Antlers

    Burchell Zebra Skin - Super A Grade

    The Burchell is the most commonly traded zebra species. It is also the only one allowed to be imported into the USA. Super A Grade is the most perfect of grades. Only blemishes that occur on the Sup...

    Price: $1999.00

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