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Wild Game Skins


  • Antlers

    Blue Wildebeest Skin

    The wildebeest skin has a nice size and a lot of coloration patterns. Unique mane down the spine, long tail hairs, and lighter flanks. Makes a great floor rug and can also be used for upholstery. Free...

    Price: $299.00

    New Price: $209.00

  • Antlers

    Kudu Skins

    The kudu is one of the most sought after trophy animals in Africa. Although its long spiral horns are what most hunters are after, the hides are unique and equally beautiful. Size is about 30 st ft.

    Price: $249.00

  • Antlers

    Male Nyala Skins

    Nyala is common in South Africa, particularly abundant in the Natal area. Notice the unique markings on the skin. Great for a bedside floor rug or for making pillows or upholstering the back of a chai...

    Price: $299.00

    New Price: $249.00

  • Antlers

    Waterbuck Skins

    The waterbuck is a great large size antelope from Africa. The fur is coarse hair and not so lush and soft. The adults' hues range from dark or light gray to brown. Natural skin from wild animals often...

    Price: $209.00

  • Antlers

    Blesbok Skins

    The Blesbok is an abundant antelope on Souther Africa. Their skins are beautiful with their dark brown tone and white belly. Size is around 45" X 34". Great small floor rug. A great substitute for a c...

    Price: $129.00

    New Price: $69.00

  • Antlers

    Red Hartebeest Skin

    The red hartebeest is a large skin of approximately 4X3 feet in size but quite economic for it size. Great bedside rug alternative. Red Hartebeest skins can be used as floor rugs, wall hangers or to d...

    Price: $169.00

    New Price: $129.00

  • Antlers

    Gemsbok A Grade

    Gemsbok, also known as Oryx, is a beautiful antelope that is capable of inhabiting the driest of all conditions. They are known to exist in areas with absolutely no rain fall and obtaining water only ...

    Price: $249.00

  • Antlers


    This skins resembles that of a goat in color and size. The hair is somewhat coarse and size is around 12 sq ft also (approximately 43" X 32") . Please consult with us for stock levels. Not an endanger...

    Price: $59.00

  • Antlers

    Giraffe Skins

    Giraffe skins are absolutely gorgeous. Nothing spells luxury louder than upholstering furniture with real giraffe skin. Each piece is unique in quality and size. That is why our pricing varies dependi...

    Price: $2500.00

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