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Natural & Printed Calf Skins with Lowest Price- Cowhidesusa


  • Antlers

    A Grade Mini Cowhide Rug

    Finest, most luxurious Calf skins you can have for money or love!

    Price: $129

    New Price: $99

  • Antlers

    Grey Calf Skin

    Grey calf skins are simply GORGEOUS. The tone of grey varies from skin to skin and also sometimes they have quite a lot of white mixed in which gives it a super awesome look. They are unique, they are...

    Price: $159.00

    Price (empty): $99.00

  • Antlers

    Solid White Calf Skin

    These solid white calf skins are simply GORGEOUS. The tone of white in calf skins is much lighter than the white tone in large cowhide rugs. They might look a bit darker in the photos but this is the ...

    Price: $169.00

    Price (empty): $159

  • Antlers

    Assorted Calf Skin -Short Hair

    The short hair calf skins are top quality. They are shinny, sleek and extremely soft. This category if for the client looking for the best quality calf skin either for decoration or manufacturing. F...

    Price: $89.00

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